Practice Profile


Formally known as Nicholas Yardley Architecture, an exciting collaboration between Nicholas Yardley and Rochelle Foster has formed a 'brother and sister' type partnership now known as Yardley and Foster Architecture. The Duo compliment each other in style and yet challenge unique individual flair. With an expanding team, who ultimately share a passion for all things Architectural - the studio continues to produce fresh solutions to their diverse range of projects. 

 Yardley and Foster Architecture engages with the world around it out-with our own discipline. The practice takes great inspiration from New Zealand’s stance and response to sustainability. Within the practice we are often provoked and inspired by social and cultural issues inherent within the contemporary city and the rural landscape. This allows for a response in form and materiality. This understanding and passion for material and technological innovation for detail, craftsmanship, texture and patten is something that underpins the philosophy of our business. This understanding will lead to the future development of 21st century buildings which respond but also celebrate the tradition of New Zealand’s innovation on sustainability and our strong love of the land.  Thus will generate a architecture that will offer unique solutions into the denser, faster, more technological enabled city and a greater respect of our quiet serene rural landscapes. 

Our Story

The Yardley and Foster Architecture Team is a young comer to the Christchurch Architectural scene.  Initially setup in the heart the the Christchurch business district  before the September 2010 Christchurch Earthquake displaced and disrupted or business.  A relocation to Merivale Mall (upstairs) has allowed our practice to settle into a more focused direction. With strengths in both Interior and Exterior Architecture and given the infinite possibilities that Christchurch now has to offer we look forward to challenging and re-sculpting the face of our built environment.